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Ceramic Pro Wilmington North Carolina

Ceramic Pro Auto Spa ELITE located in Wilmington North Carolina

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Starting At Only $399

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Ceramic Pro, the absolute ultimate in serious paint protection for every vehicle. AutoworX Pro Detailing – Ceramic Pro Auto Spa Elite is the best Ceramic Pro Auto installer located in Wilmington North Carolina.

Ceramic Pro is twice as easy to clean without having to wax! Ceramic Pro’s Utra slick hydrophobic nano-technology creates a glass like, rock solid barrier that resists UV, dirt, dust, pollen & debris. Making your awesome ride twice as easy to clean. Wax is dead! Ceramic Pro = never wax again. That’s right, we said it! Never wax again… only with Ceramic Pro! Request a Free Ceramic Pro Quote today.

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Ceramic Pro ELITE

Wilmington's ONLY Ceramic Pro ELITE

AutoworX Pro Detailing is the Ceramic Pro ambassador of the Carolina’s. We’re listed as the ONLY Ceramic Pro Auto-Spa ELITE in the world! Achieving the highest accolades via over 3 decades of professional experience, we go above and beyond with our Ceramic Pro services.

Starting at Only $399

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We offer the best pricing on all of our Ceramic Pro packages, including Ceramic Pro Bronze, Ceramic Pro Silver, Ceramic Pro Gold / Ceramic Pro Lifetime. Both Exterior & Interior. No matter the vehicle you drive, we’ve got the right fit for you!

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Ceramic Pro requires a very precise installation in order to achieve absolute perfection. Paint must be freed of any/all imperfections, otherwise we’ll be sealing in those imperfections (and you won’t like that look at all). It is always best to get a Free Quote so we may establish the condition of your paint. Get a Free Quote Today!

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Every Ceramic Pro Installation is as unique as the vehicle it’s applied to. Just fill out the following form, and we’ll be in touch soon with an awesome, FREE Ceramic Pro Auto Quote for your sweet ride! Always feel free to give us a call at (910) 228-5051