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Aircraft Detailing Services by AutoworX Wilmington NC

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Aircraft Detailing Wilmington NC AutoworX Professional Aircraft Detailing

Professional Aircraft Detailing Services

Aircraft Detailing Services in Wilmington NC (ILM), Myrtle Beach SC (MYR) and all FBO’s in North Carolina & South Carolina. From a Piper Cub to a 737, our 35 years of experience brings the absolute finest quality Professional Aircraft Detailing Services for all aircraft. We’ve had the honor of detailing Air Force One! We use the latest, cutting edge, eco-friendly products designed to keep your aircraft looking perfect.

Trip Ready Aircraft Cleaning & Detail
Our on demand trip ready service will ensure that your aircraft is looking great for the next flight. All exterior surfaces are wiped down and lightly cleaned. The interior is vacuumed, trash removed, all surfaces including seating are wiped down, lav and galley cleaned and sanitized, interior items are organized and the cabin entry is detailed.

Trip Ready Aircraft Cleaning & Detail

Wet Wash

Dry Wash

Exterior Wax

Exterior Paint Rejuvenation

Brightwork Metal Polishing

De-Ice Boot Refurbishment

Complete Interior Detail

Dry Cleaning Carpet & Upholstery

Carpet & Upholstery Extraction

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

Stain Removal

Wood & TrimPolishing

Lav & Galley Sanitation

Aircraft Detailing Services

Exterior Aircraft Detail Services

  • Wet Wash
    AutworX Wet Wash insures that the entire exterior of your aircraft is gently cleaned & free of debris. Your aircraft will be dry & spot free when we’re complete! Wet Wash service is recommended for aircraft that have been exposed to harsh or corrosive conditions, such as saltwater areas.
  • Dry Wash
    Without water, we use environmentally friendly cleaners  to completely clean the entire exterior of your aircraft. All without water! Leaving a beautiful shine. Our most popular wash due to most airport environmental restrictions.
  • Exterior Wax
    Aircraft Exterior Wax applications will not only keep your aircraft looking beautiful & protect your paint… It will also extend the life of the paint greatly. All of our AutoworX Aircraft Waxes are Aircraft approved & silicone free.
  • Exterior Paint Rejuvenation/Restoration (Machine Buff & Polish)
    Machine polishing is recommended for paint that is oxidized or faded. This restores & seals your aircraft’s paint for protection and helps to reduce parasitic drag! Once the aircraft is machined buffed, we then carefully hand polish the aircraft to bring back its superb high gloss finish. Even very old/aged paint can usually be restored back to looking like new. A great service & alternative to having the aircraft painted.
  • Brightwork Metal Polishing
    Polishing Brightwork is a fine art that very few have seemingly mastered. At AutoworX Pro Aircraft Detailing, one of our specialties is our metal polishing services. Leading Edges, Engine Inlets, Thrust Reversers & Propeller Spinners are polished to a brilliant mirror like finish. Even gouges & scratches can be removed. We have over 3 decades of metal polishing experience!
  • De-ice Boot Refurbishment
    Our 3 step process of stripping, conditioning & sealing pneumatic de-ice boots will restore your boots to a superb high gloss shine while protecting them. Regular de-ice boot treatments will not only keep the boots looking their best but will also extend their life.

Interior Aircraft Detail Services

  • Complete Aircraft Interior Detailing
    Looking for Interior Detailing for your Aircraft? Our thorough interior cleaning & detailing process is truly first-class! All of the carpeting & upholstery is vacuumed & then dry cleaned (or extracted depending on material). All surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized & finely detailed. Wood & trim is polished while all of the leather seating & material is cleaned & conditioned. Galleys & Lavs are cleaned & sanitized. Cockpits are cleaned, sanitized & detailed. Cabin entries are detailed and – upon request – instrument panels will be cleaned & detailed.
  • Dry Cleaning Aircraft Carpet & Upholstery
    Our unique Aircraft Dry Cleaning process cleans & sanitizes without the use of steam or water (which can be damaging to some materials like wool). A very gentle process that’ll leave your Aircraft Interior & Upholstery looking beautiful.
  • Aircraft Carpet & Upholstery Extraction
    Our steam extraction process deep cleans aircraft carpeting & upholstery to get them looking their best! This service is great for high traffic areas.
  • Aircraft Leather Cleaning & Conditioning
    Our Aircraft leather cleaning & conditioning service is a great way to maintain the look, feel, color & smell of your fine leather. Regular cleaning & conditioning will help prolong the life & look of your leather for many years to come.
  • Aircraft Stain Removal
    If a stain can be removed, we are the ones who can do it! AutoworX are professionals at challenging stain removals. Coffee, wine, ink, soda, food, gum & biological are just a few of the stains that we can almost always successfully remove. Time is critical for easy removal. Ideally, the sooner the better!
  • Aircraft Wood & Trim Polishing
    Our Aircraft Wood Polishing Service & Products will maximize the shine while resisting fingerprints & dust.
  • Lav & Galley Sanitation
    Our cleaning & sanitation services will ensure the safety of your passengers from illness due to spoiled food or biological contaminants.
Air Force One Detailing Team AutoworX Pro Detailing Wilmington NC Professional Aircraft Detailing Services

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    Monthly Aircraft Detailing at any FBO in North Carolina

    We offer Monthly Aircraft Detailing Options for aircraft that fly often. You’ll receive discounted pricing, along with discounts on all of our Aircraft Detailing Services. Visiting your FBO once per month (at the time of your request), we’ll be keeping your Aircraft beautifully clean & ready for your next journey out.

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