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How often should I detail my RV, Coach or Camper?

So just how often should you Detail & Wax your RV, Coach or Camper? AutoworX took a deep look into the needs of the average pleasure vehicle. Noting the variables, as some sit for long stretches (uncovered), while others stay well protected in a nicely accommodated garage. So let’s start with the “worse case scenario“.

The worse case scenario: Detail & Wax 2 to 3 times per year.
Mother nature is a cruel mistress. She likes to punish paint, chrome, and interiors with UV damaging sun, wind, salty air/atmosphere, dirt, bird poop, bugs & more! You’ll need to at least have the exterior waxed (ruffly) 2 to 3 times per year in order to maintain that beautiful glossy look. Your mileage may vary, so the more miles you put on your Coach, RV or Camper, the more often you’ll see a need to Detail & Wax.

The best case scenario: Detail 1 to 2 times per year.
Much depending on your driving habits (how often / much you drive), Detailing should be from 1 to 2 times per year. Usually in the spring or fall (or both). For the most part, garage kept vehicles are way less prone to what we’re going to describe next! But keep reading to find out what your outdoor brothers may be going through…

Mother Nature is not always your friend!
Granted, we all love to take our Coach, Camper or RV on awesome trips with our family & friends. Seeing the epic beauty of the United States in the comfort of your own traveling home – is quite fun! Here’s some advice to help keep the fun times rolling.

Pollen must be fully washed off
In the spring, many tree’s release these evil little pollen spores. Pollen tends to get into EVERYTHING. When combined with water, it turns into a tiny droplet of acid eating evil! Thus eating away at your protective layer (wax) much faster. This is why we suggest detailing in spring as to create a new protective layer before the pollen get’s out of hand.

Ceramic Pro = Easier Washing, NO Waxing!
Are you are tired of Detailing, Washing, Waxing? It may be time to take a look at Ceramic Pro. With multiple options, you can opt to have a lifetime coating applied. This means you’ll never have to wax again! Ceramic Pro uses nano technology to add a beautiful, glossy, protective layer to your Coach, RV or Camper. Its amazingly slick surface makes cleaning twice as easy, while adding longevity and value.