Drying Time

Your new paint protection film will take 3-4 weeks to fully cure depending on weather conditions. Do not wash the vehicle for 5 days. Wrapped vehicles should be back for an inspection within 2 weeks.

Condition of Vehicle for Paint Protection Film Application

Vehicles cannot have any type of coatings on the finish. These can affect the effectiveness of the adhesion and may cause lifting, bubbles, and other issues which are not covered under mfg. warranties. Client is aware that the design of the paint protection film is for OEM factory paint. The client waives and releases AutoworX Pro Detailing, LLC from any warranty or damage claims where a product has been applied to a non-OEM painted surface.


Some of our paint protection kits are computer cut using special cutting software. Precut kits involve stopping short of an edge, edges around badges, washers, and corners. The customer understands that the paint protection film is a sacrificial layer for your car and not a complete invisible layer. Customers may choose to have a custom design fit or bulk install for an additional fee.


Headlights are not recommended for paint protection film due to HID features and some exterior coatings on the lens themselves. By authorizing AutoworX Pro Detailing, LLC to proceed with the headlight film application, customers hereby acknowledge the risk and waives any claims against AutoworX Pro Detailing, LLC and agrees to hold Jay’s Detail LLC harmless in the event that damage does occur during the installation process.

Paint Protection Film Removal

Paint Protection Film removal may cause damage to the paint. By authorizing AutoworX Pro Detailing, LLC to proceed with the removal, the customer hereby acknowledges the risk and waives any claims against Jay’s Detail LLC and agrees to hold AutoworX Pro Detailing, LLC harmless in the event that damage does occur during the removal process.


Although we strive for perfection in our installations, due to the nature of this product, some degree of dust contamination and or minor imperfections are present in every Paint Protection Film application. Also, Pre- existing flaws, such as scratches, rock chips, debris in the paint, debris in the clear coat, mis aligned body panels, sanding marks are much more noticeable after the paint protection film is applied. Paint Protection Film will have minor imperfections such as slight orange peel and may also include other MFG defects from. Vehicles with 200 or more miles may have more imperfections due to mileage and use.


Your warranties will cover bubbling, peeling, fading, yellowing during the warranty period on the warranty card.
Photo Release Authorization Permission.

I agree that AutoworX Pro Detailing, LLC may use such photographs of me and my property with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purpose as publicity, illustrations, advertising, website use and social media content.