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Considering tinting your windows? By tinting your windows you can minimize the North Carolina sun’s impact on your vehicle. Harmful ultravioilet rays have an easy time getting through clear windows vs tinted windows. Strong lights tend to hinder the vision of drivers & passengers alike. Tinted windows can help prevent the damage caused by the strong beach side sun while blocking strong lights. Resulting in dramatically less interior aging & a more comfortable driving experience. Which is why many in Wilmington, North Carolina look into darkening or tinting their windows.

Professional Window & Glass Tinting Services
AutoworX offers Professional Window Tinting services. Don’t go at it alone! We have the proper tools & knowledge to make your next Window Tint project absolutely perfect. Professionally installed Window & Glass Tint always looks nicer – as we take the time & care to tint your windows the right way! We proudly service the Window Tinting needs of customers in the Wilmington NC and surrounding areas.

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Ceramic Pro is the absolute best long term protection! Boat owners love it, as it makes all treated surfaces twice as easy to clean while taking half the time. That means less work, more play! Ceramic Pro for RV’s, Coach or Camper is ideal at keeping you from having to wax, leaving an easy washing. Interior surfaces can be coated, while also adding a beautiful shine and luster to all Exterior surfaces. Perfect for Aircraft, Boats, RV, Campers and more… Professional Ceramic Pro Installers servicing Wilmington NC to Myrtle Beach SC (and everywhere in between).

Paint Protection Film (PPF), Wilmington NC

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Invisible protection, at an affordable price. PPF! AutoworX Paint Protection Film (PPF) services in Wilmington NC. Offering a variety of PPF packages including Free Estimates on all Paint Protection Film services. Servicing Wilmington NC and the surrounding areas.

Why Paint Protection Film (PPF)?
Paint Protection Film is perfect for protecting any painted surface. It consists of a tough but conformable, pressure sensitive, thermoplastic urethane that adheres to a painted surface. Adding a semi-permament layer of protection that is not only an ultra violet inhibitor, but also a self-healing super slick surface. It can make detailing a lot easier while protecting the most crucial areas of your most beloved toys.

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