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    What does Ceramic Pearl do?

    Bespoke Opulence Ceramic is seriously strong ceramic coating & protectant. When properly applied, it can create both a beautiful finish unlike no other, as well as an ultra strong layer which fights the elements while keeping your most beloved toys looking perfect.

    Do you hate waxing?
    Say goodbye to that tedious chore! Ceramic Pro will eliminate the need for wax. Cutting your work in half, while offering an easier to clean surface! Perfect for boats, RV’s, Campers, Airplanes, Outdoor Kitchens & more.

    If you live in the Wilmington NC area you likely already know. The salt air, strong sun, wind and more are eating away at your finish. Causing you to clean, wash & wax more often (all the while taking away from your hard-earned free time). Get your free time back with AutoworX Bespoke Opulence Ceramic Coating Wilmington NC.

    What is Pearl Ceramic Coating for?

    There are multiple types of Bespoke Opulence Ceramic products & applications.
    Designed to adhere and protect nearly ANY surface! Keeping that in mind, here are some likely items you may consider: Auto, Truck, SUV, Motorcycle, RV, Camper, Coach, Boats, Bus, Jet Ski, Yacht, Sail Boat, Aircraft, Interior Upholstery, Trailers, Outdoor Kitchen, Professional Kitchen, Grill, Couches, Sinks, Refrigerator, Counter Tops, Jewelry, Guitars, Bathrooms, the family dog (just kidding), and so much more…

    Have something in mind that we haven’t mentioned?
    Let us know and we’ll see what we can do! From painted glossy exterior surfaces, to polished metal, even soft vinyl or heated surfaces like your Grill & Outdoor Kitchen! Ceramic Pearl can protect it all.

    Top 12 Reasons Why: Pearl Ceramic Coating

    1) Twice as easy to clean!
    Thanks to an ultra slick surface, dust & dirt slide off with little effort. Reminiscent of the most ultra waxed surface you’ve ever seen.

    2) Scratch resistance increased
    Ultra hard surface protection increases scratch resistance and even makes scratches easier to remove.

    3) Serious UV Protection
    You like your boat or RV’s interior – the sun does too! Stop the sun from causing color fade with Ceramic Pro’s UV protective coating.

    4) Oh that beautiful shine!
    Make it shine like new. CP adds a rich, deep, epic shine to all glossy surfaces as everything is polished and restored to perfection before applying Ceramic Pro.

    5) Long term protection – keep that mint new look
    Adding a protective layer means a longer “new” appearance. Long term protection can keep your favorite toys looking “new all the time”.

    6) Resale Value Increase!
    Upon resale, anything treated with Ceramic Pro shall stand out above the rest. Giving you an advantage in the market, while offering a real value in the used market.

    7) Oxidation Protection
    Don’t let your clear coat breakdown. Ceramic Pro will stop oxidation while adding shine. Excellent for clear coats, gel coats, metal, aluminum and chrome.

    8) NO WAXING!!!
    Seriously, forget about it! No wax could enhance a Ceramic Pro treated surface. A gentle wash is all you’ll need.

    9) More Free Time
    Catch up on your Netflix queue. Go bowling. Take a cooking class. Your free time is yours! We won’t tell you how to spend it.

    10) Lower Detailing & Cleaning Costs, More $$$ in your pocket
    Decreasing cleaning costs as well as the use of less cleaning products. Easier to clean means easier to clean! A gentle wash is all that’s needed, typically less frequently as well.

    11) Better Mileage!!!
    What!? Yes, we said it. A boats hull can be turned into an ultra slick surface which reduces drag and increases mileage & speed. RV’s will love it as air will flow smoothly over surfaces. Less wind resistance, means better mileage.

    12) Family Safe & Earth Friendly!
    With proper application & maintenance Ceramic Pro will extend the life of any coated surface. Which means less waste! Non-toxic & environmentally friendly. It can even be used on counter tops. Most surfaces are ready for use in 24 hours.

    Learn more about Ceramic Pearl Coatings

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    Bespoke Ceramic Boat & Marine Coating

    Any watercraft treated with Bespoke Ceramic Marine will become twice as easy to clean. Thanks to its nano technology, treated surfaces will need less scrubbing, which means less work & more play!

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    Bespoke Ceramic RV, Coach & Camper Protection

    No more waxing! Serious UV Protection. Stop the sun from damaging the brilliant colors on your beautiful RV, Coach or Camper. Bespoke Ceramic Coatings add a superior layer of UV protection!

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    Bespoke Opulence Ceramic Aircraft & Aviation

    AutoworX will visit any FBO in North Carolina. Just let us know when and we’ll be there!